#24- What does detox mean?

I’ve definitely mentioned the word detox quite often within my blog posts. So, if you may have been confused by what I mean when throwing around the word detox in context with juice cleanses, here’s a little bit of clarification. Detox is similar to moderation. When it comes to using the word detox with juicing diets, there are many definitions as to what the word can mean.

The main point of detoxing within the juicing method is to rid the body of toxins. So, ok, I defined the word detox, what is a toxin? When related to food and nutrition, it is nearly impossible to eliminate all toxins. Sadly, nearly all things we consume are produced with some toxins. Today, pretty much everything we consume is toxic. So overall, everything is toxic, but yet the body has the ability to cleanse itself.

Within the human body, the major organs of detoxification include kidneys, skin, lungs, liver, and the lymphatic system. These systems are just some of the parts of our body which break down compounds into other forms that we eliminate via sweat, breathing, or on the toilet.

If we have these systems to detoxify our body of toxins, why is juicing important? Well, often we tend to “get in the way” of our bodies’ “self cleaning” crew. How? We constantly put stuff into our body day to day, and we don’t always use our bodies correctly, or nicely in other terms.

So! Through juicing, and detox cleanses, we are kind to our body and instead of hindering our bodies’ major detoxification systems, participating in a juice detox cleanse instead helps with the process of detoxification of toxins from your body!

Happy juicing 🙂





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